Reasons to Consider Smartlipo

You get home from a super intense gym session (your third this week!), proud of your hard work and engulfed by the endorphins that come with a good sweat. As you get ready to step in the shower, you decide to take a moment and evaluate your progress. 

One glance in the mirror infuriates you. 

How is it possible that you’re working so hard and seeing so few results? Why can’t you bust your belly fat or get rid of those dimples you hate so much on your hips? 

Stay calm: You’re not alone in this. Tons of people experience this same frustration. At Women's Pavilion of the Palm Beaches, our experts know how to help. We use Smartlipo, a device from Cynosure®, the leader in medical laser technology, to help people with the exact same problem as you.

What is Smartlipo? 

Smartlipo is exactly what it sounds like: smart liposuction. The process blends traditional liposuction with medical laser technology to efficiently melt and remove fat cells from your body. 

During a Smartlipo procedure, your provider will: 

Now that you know how Smartlipo works, let’s get into some scenarios that warrant Smartlipo treatment.

Your body hasn’t responded to exercise, or you have stubborn body fat in particular areas

Many, if not most, people who seek Smartlipo treatment already maintain a healthy body weight and just want to get rid of a few trouble spots — and you’ve probably learned by now that spot reduction in the gym doesn’t work

Because of genetics, many people who are very fit still struggle with common problems, such as love handles, a belly pouch, or fat on the inner thighs. These trouble spots can be infuriating, but Smartlipo can get rid of them for you. 

You already eat a healthy diet and need help losing the last few pounds

We hear you: It can be super frustrating to do everything right and feel like you’ve been deprived of your dream physique. 

While we’re proponents of self-confidence at all sizes, ditching a few pounds can really help your body confidence come through — and if you already eat healthily but need help with those last few pounds, Smartlipo could be your answer. 

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that Smartlipo is not a treatment for obesity, and your long-term results depend on your ability to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Though fat cells don’t regenerate once they die, you can still develop new fat cells later on. 

That said, Smartlipo is an effective, safe, and smart (no pun intended) choice for those who are good candidates. 

To find out if Smartlipo is a good fit for you, come in for a consultation with Dr. Charles at our Greenacres, Florida, office. Call 561-264-2055 or book your appointment online. You can also send a message to Dr. Charles and the team here on the website.

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