How Endometriosis Affects Fertility

Endometriosis can cause discomfort, pain, and other health issues in women. Side effects can include irregular bleeding, cramps, abdominal pain and other symptoms. As awful as these symptoms are, one of the biggest problems is that the condition can cause infertility. 

At The Women’s Pavilion of the Palm Beaches in Greenacres, Florida, Dr. Leroy Charles offers help for women dealing with endometriosis. If you’ve been struggling with infertility and want to see if endometriosis is to blame, Dr. Charles can give you a thorough evaluation and provide answers and treatment.   

Signs and symptoms of endometriosis

With endometriosis, cells that make up the lining of your uterus grow outside of your uterus. Since these cells are meant to build up in preparation for ovulation and possible conception, then go away during your period, this can cause serious problems if they grow outside the uterus and can’t exit your body.

When these cells start amassing in patches on your ovaries, fallopian tubes, or other body parts, many side effects can result, including difficulty conceiving. Sadly, many women — and even doctors — can write off these symptoms as unexplained “female problems.”

Side effects of endometriosis can include:

One in 10 women have endometriosis, and if you have a close female relative with endometriosis, your risk of developing this condition is higher. 

Endometriosis and fertility

Endometriosis can be particularly bad for women trying to get pregnant, because one of the places uterine cells often end up is on the fallopian tubes. If a tube is blocked by cells and scarring, the egg may be unable to travel from the ovary to the uterus. In some cases, the ovary itself may be strangled by endometriosis and be unable to release eggs at all. 

If you’re struggling with fertility, Dr. Charles can determine if endometriosis is the cause. He can review your symptoms and perform a pelvic exam, pelvic ultrasound, or other tests. If all signs point to endometriosis, he can perform a laparoscopy to get confirmation and identify exactly where the rogue cells are.

For many women, endometriosis can be treated with pain medication and hormone therapy. If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, Dr. Charles can perform minor surgery to remove endometrial cells that are blocking your ovaries or fallopian tubes.  

If you’re ready for answers regarding your infertility, book an appointment online or over the phone with Women’s Pavilion of the Palm Beaches today.

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